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The presence of a functional electricity grid is not always as obvious as it would seem to be. An insufficient infrastructure is often the cause for an unreliable grid. Things become even more difficult when there is no grid at all. And yet you are in need of a reliable electricity supply. A local and properly functioning system is the only answer at this point. Victron Energy offers you such an answer. We are proud to offer you our modern translation for freedom and independence. Energy, Anytime, Anywhere.

Hybrid systems

If the sun is your only available source of energy, the choice is simple. You will choose a solar system in order to meet your demand for energy. If there are more sources available, these could support your solar system. Because the fact is, that the sun isn’t always able to entirely cover your energy demand. A solar system is often supported by a generator set or a wind generator. These energy sources can make certain that the solar deficit is covered. Designing combinations such as these, which include several energy sources, is what Victron Energy does best.

Our products are being used in all off-grid and grid-connected systems, for example autonomous buildings, oil platforms and private houses

Off-Grid Solar provides Air Source Heating

Living self-sufficient in the UK

Vanessa and Bruce Jones decided to go off the grid to power their new build five-bedroomed house, after finding out that going to connect their house to the public grid was going to cost them more than £100k. Rather than spend a large amount of money to connect their house to the grid, they contacted Ian Hewson form Off Grid Engineering. Ian worked closely with the heating engineer to design a power system with sufficient capacity to keep the domestic heating operating throughout the shorter days of winter – and provide energy for all the appliances and conveniences of a large family home. He designed off-grid energy system for them, based on a 26kW solar array, 4x 100A MPPT solar chargers, a 41kWh LiFePO4 battery bank and a 15kVA Quattro. This system provides all their daily energy needs including the heat pump, summer, and winter alike. Excess solar energy is stored in batteries for use at night or in case of adverse weather. The 20kVA LPG backup generator will only run, after the battery bank has been depleted. This typically will only happen in the colder months of the year. Overall, the generator provides less than 7% of their yearly energy needs. The Octo GX allows the system’s live and historical data to be monitored and managed remotely using Victron’s Remote Management Portal VRM. Even when they are not at home. The Jones’ have the house of their dreams amid the rolling hills around Shaftesbury – far from the madding crowd – and can relax in the knowledge that their solar energy, too, is free …protecting them from the spiralling costs of electricity. Their off-grid system costs £55k. The yearly LPG cost is less than £3k and Vanessa and Bruce Jones do not have a monthly energy bill.

Here is the system they have installed:

• 80 x 335W JA Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
• Victron 15 kVA Quattro
• 3 x 13.8 kWh BYD LiFePO4 battery bank
• 4 x 250V/100A SmartSolar charge controllers
• Octo GX System harmonisation and remote Communication
• 20 kVA LPG back up generator