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Kenya is ranked 124th in the corruption standings out of 154 countries in the world. That statement says a lot about the people and whether they can be easily “trusted”, more so in property and financial matters. Regrettably, this bad trait which has led Kenyans’ to become unethical, isn’t visible on face of every ordinary Kenyan, especially when dealing in property or real estate. Many neglect the property’s bill of health, the law, phony agents, promised amenities and cheating comes easy amongst a growing list of ills’.

Archstone Kenya prides itself in being different from the rest. Our aim is to ensure you deserve trust, confidence and honesty in all aspects. Besides our phenomenal knowledge of this market place, we comprehend your needs far better than our competition. An Archstone client, will never become a victim of a shoddy deal, a bad property or rental investment or a fraudster. The reason we came in to existence.

All properties, for sale or rent are thoroughly assessed. Our competitors will not invest half the time or money in the aspects we delve into, driven by hungry corporate desires to meet targets and grow profits.

Archstone Kenya wants you as a client for a lifetime. We go beyond personalized attention and service. Archstone specializes in a niche of clients who let us handle their needs as they continue with their normal lives. We focus on specific property sectors, making us ‘the’ experts in housing and residential properties in Blue and Green zones. Nevertheless we specialize in providing housing for Diplomats and Embassies and now trying to stretch our business to Multinationals and NGO’s in Kenya.

It is our hope that you will award us with an opportunity to serve you and experience the service value that all desire but less deliver.


Featured Listings

To Let

To let:$USD 3500

To Let: $USD 3400

To Let: $USD 4300

To Let: $USD 2700

To Let: $USD 4000

To Let: $USD 3300

For Sale

Runda Main House plus Two flats of two bedrooms each attached to it
For sale:KSH 140 million

Runda House
For sale:KSH 85 million

For Sale:KSH 650 million

8 units
For sale:KSH 75 million